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North Hawaii Community Hospital

North Hawaii Community Hospital



A site specific installation of vinyl wall covering for the Grieving Room

’Lei and Legacy ‘ - A new series of works, ‘Lei and Legacy’ incorporates healing plants, Awa, Kukui and Ohia intertwined into a visual lei. Lei is symbolic of Polynesian culture made of leaves, seeds, shells, flowers and feathers that are carefully and intentionally collected by the lei maker and fashioned into a wreath or garland as a token of celebration or reverence. The lei is offered as a blessing or ornament, encircling the recipient in a tangible symbol of joy, love and connection. 

Legacy embodies the lineage and life of the people and culture in Hawaii. The lei represents a gift of knowledge, wisdom and spirit, a metaphoric  heirloom passed down from one generation to the next.

The artwork is meant to create a ‘lei’ that surrounds loved ones in the grieving room with comfort, peace and support. 


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